A Frontliner’s Resilience in times of Covid-19

May. 13, 2020

In almost two months of Enhanced Community Quarantine or Lockdown, the lives of Filipinos have changed abruptly. Unprepared and unprecedented, our daily routine made a 180-degree turn and it made a great impact on businesses. StreetBy, with its SME-centric mission has been a partner to most businesses in Mindanao. One of its functions is to serve as a delivery platform. Admittedly, with the strict implementation of social distancing mandated by the government, a spike of delivery transactions have occurred after the declaration of Covid-19 as a pandemic. Given this, our StreetBy riders’ emotional, physical and psychological state have been put to test. As part of Streetby’s commitment to the community in flattening the curve, despite the risk, the management continued its delivery services. Day in, day out —from 9am to early evening, StreetBy riders defy the virus everyday of their lives just to deliver the goods to our eager customers.



We have recently interviewed some of our riders about their personal experiences as they continue to do their tasks despite the current crisis. Reynante, one of our riders, have shared that as expected, his family is worried about his safety but they are left with no choice since he has to work and put food on the table. Even with the risk, he feels good to serve the community in his own little way. “Bisan wala ko naka human ug skwela ug dili ko doctor, naka tabang gihapon ko sa komunidad sa akong kaugalingon nga pamaagi. Tsada kayo ang feeling, Ma’am.”, he proudly stated.

Another rider is Charlo who shared the same sentiments about safety and specifically highlighted the part where he feels grateful for the opportunity of still having a job as most of the businesses closed their operations which forced some employees to be temporarily jobless. “Ang amo mga customers Ma’am, buotan sad ang uban. Muhatag ug tip or maka sabot ra kung usahay naay delay sa order. Ang uban mu hatag gani ug mga alcohol ug mask. Makaingon ka murag bayanihan”, he added.



Streetby delivery strictly practices preventive measures. Riders are provided with disinfecting products, encourages cashless transactions and maintains a specific distance from the time goods are placed inside the rider bag box until it is being served to the customer. However, we know that there is no 100% guarantee that our riders will be safe from this virus as they are always exposed everyday this is why tonight before you go to sleep, please include our riders in your prayers. Just like you, they’re human too —vulnerable, anxious, and they have a family waiting home for them at home —all these they sacrifice just for you and your family to be safe while in the comfort of your home. It will be challenging, risky and confusing. This is more than just a job. This is dedication and concern for humanity. So if ever you meet one today, please be kind. Forgive them for the delays, or if they accidentally spilled your milktea, or forgot your chopsticks. They’re doing the best they can in these trying times.


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Thank you dearest StreetBy riders for flattening the curve. Your sacrifice and resilience are appreciated.