Celebrate the Holidays with StreetBy

Dec. 20, 2019

The holidays are upon us and the year is coming to a close. Families are once again reunited and it is time to rejoice and celebrate! However, why go through all that time and effort to go buy groceries and make preparations when you can just spend your precious time with your family? 

StreetBy is here to help you amidst this holiday rush! Introducing our holiday selections to make your celebration less of a chore and more of a party! Just sit back, tap, and celebrate!

Potluck Ideas bring you party trays that cater to your food needs from some of the best caterers in the city! Good food equals great party, fam! Now you got the dining taken care of, let us focus our attention to your Holiday Bliss! Pamper up for that holiday glow! Book from our excellent salon and spa options for that well-deserved massage or a refreshing hair-dressing galore! For the icing on top, what else but a Sugar Rush of center piece cakes, desserts, and confectioneries, of course! We have a great selection of pastries and healthy desserts to sweetly conclude your meal. Just pick a flavor!

A great party also needs a great venue. Seize the Holiday among our accommodation/venue partners! Whether you want a meaningful gathering of family and friends or simply escape and relax on a resort, we got your back! 

The yuletide season and year-end are for you to celebrate. How you want your merry-making go, StreetBy is here for you, super fam!