Version 3.0 – Better & Faster: Streetby’s Holiday Gift to Users

Dec. 18, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, Streetby released its newest version. After a series of surveys and reviews, the newest version ​—​ which is encapsulated in its campaign “Better and Faster” ​—​is the output of request and feedback from its users. Suffice to say, this is Streetby’s holiday gift to all its loyal users.

Faster Speed

Streetby optimized the speed to ensure seamless experience. In this fast-paced age, instant gratification is key hence the elimination of certain steps and icons are readily available to address needs of users.

Auto Confirmation

An app booking needs a prompt confirmation. Convenience has to be on top of the priority. This time, Streetby made sure users will no longer wait 10 minutes before a partner merchant confirms an order as auto confirmation has been activated.

Real-time Monitoring


Gone are the days when users are clueless with the status of their order. With Streetby 3.0, users can monitor both their order status and delivery rider through GPS. Users will also receive a series of push notifications from Streetby regarding status like confirmation, start of preparation until order is ready for pick up.

Exciting Promos

Of course, Streetby 3.0 will have loads of promotions and perks for its users. First-time users will get a FREE delivery and 20% OFF upon order. Repeat customers will also have exclusive discounts and other perks.

“This is a user-infused version. We listened and we executed hence the “Better and Faster” campaign. We are grateful for the loyal customers we’ve had after all these years and for us, their feedback is vital. The change never happened overnight, it took us time, effort, resources... and heartaches to reach this point. We believe in our product and its purpose – which is to serve the community especially in these strange times. We hope the love for local still remains in the heart of Filipinos as Streetby is a locally-owned company. The founders and the back office are all Filipinos and this is why we want everyone to know that Version 3 is “Mas Tsada na! Tatak Pinoy pa!”,​ proudly explained by Founder and CEO, Mr. Rhey Ronald Minoza. ​“Make sure to update your app to its latest version and personally witness the changes we made.”, ​he added

Streetby is also a partner of more than 700 merchants all over Mindanao and has been internationally recognized by distinguished award-giving bodies. A proud Tatak-Mindanaoan app that will cater to all your needs: food, parcel, grocery, and more. Multiple functionalities in just one app. Truly helpful especially this time of pandemic. Download Streetby app via Googleplay and Appstore.